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     eager for  longing for  hopeful for  wish for  crave for  be set on  be bent on  be intent upon    amount his debt now amounts to 1,000 pounds.    add up to  approximate  total  sum up    the future of her marriage is supposed to be decided by the amount of money.    sum  measure  quantity  price  value    angle try looking at this affair from a different angle. aspect    view  point of view  opinion  belief  attitude  impression  notion  idea  thought  conception  judgment    theory  outlook    announce he had to announce the death of johnson before the board.    proclaim  broadcast  report  state  declare  notify  tell  make known    anticipate a good general can anticipate what the enemy will do. expect  look forward to  await  foresee  hope for    anything the hotel is anything but satisfactory. not at all    the apparent things might not tell of the truth.    apparent obvious seeming evident clear plain    apart apart from his nose, he is quite good-looking.    apart from the injuries to his face and hands, he broke both legs.    except for   other than   but   but for   besides  moreover  also  too  as well  in addition    he was appointed member of the committee.    name  elect  nominate  choose  assign  vote for    appeal i appeal to him for help. implore  plead  beg    apply please apply to the secretary for further information.    the rules of safe driving apply to everyone.approve many people don’t approve of the plan. disapprove    like  prefer  endorse  accept  think well of    arise the company’s losses this year arise almost entirely from the new taxes.    rise raise rouse arouse arise    originate  derive  stem  flow  come  emerge  appear  show up  turn up    artificial  artistic her painting is a great artistic creation.ashamed   shameful embarrassed  embarrassing frustrated  frustrating humiliated  humiliating    ashamed of having acted so rashly, david apologized to amy for having accused him.    acquaint i’m sure betsy is the girl whom you will be glad to get acquainted with.    associate  link   touch   join   unite   combine   connect   go with   run with   mingle with   relate i assume that success is a sum of mistakes.    assume think suppose presume suspect understand take for granted    assure i can assure you of my support.    confirm assure ensure insure convince guarantee pledge promise    you’ve got to attain the mastery of at least on foreign language.    attain gain accomplish finish fulfill realize completeattribute jim attributes his success to hard work. owe ascribe    avoid you should avoid driving in the center of the town during the rush hour.    avoid shun escape evade keep away from    the government has banned the used of chemical weapons.    bar prohibit exclude forbid shut out block obstruct    bargain the dress is quite a bargain. bargain sale    basis on the basis of our sales forecasts we may begin to make a profit next year.    china has been following the foreign policy to develop relations with other countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful co-existence.    ground foundation    scientists say it may be five or ten years before it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. as soon as before the second the minute the moment    you can’t blame all this on me.    he is the last one to blame for the accident.    charge  accuse  indict  censure  criticize  condemn    board he paid 40 pounds for board and lodging. food   meals    board  committee  staff  faculty  crew  team    boast you should not boast of your success. brag show off    boom production boomed.









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