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degree she has also affected but to a lesser degree. extentdeem they deemed him innocent but failed to understand why he was lying.    think believe consider judge assume suppose regard ponder contemplate study reflect think over    a good mastery of english demands patience and enthusiasm.    demand require call for    deny they denied her the opportunity to see her father.refuse decline rejects turn down    die she died of an illness; and he died a beggar.    the storms are dying down.    the noise of the car died away in the distance.    the members of the family had all died off.    this species has died out.    can you describe what he looks like?    describe portray illustrate picture characterize represent define tellthey were determined that he make a big fortune in his forties.    convinced firm sure certain resolute serious    she was in his eyes a devoted mother.    devoted earnest hearty sincere serious zealous    the sewers discharge (their contents) into the sea.    discharge discard cast way do away with dispose of abandon forsake desert give away throw away cast off get rid of    display we were amazed by the rich variety of commodities on display.    her writings display natural talents.    exhibit show indicate specify illustrate demonstrate expose present    distinct mice are distinct form rats.    different unlike varied opposite contrary reverse dissimilarlong sentences are distinctive of henry james’s later style.    characteristic explicit definite candid unmistakable expressive direct    the light is so dim that i cannot distinguish one object from another.    distinguish tell separate divide    he is one of the most distinguished scholars in this field.    distinguished outstanding famous well-known noted popular celebrated honored recognized prominent important superior    in the dark i could only discern the outline of the building.    discern see make out observe perceive recognize know understand detect spot spy behold    diverse there are people from diverse cultures at the party. different various comprehensive    he refused to disclose his name and address.disclose uncover reveal show expose betray    they drew up the contract and presented it to the management.    the train drew in into the station. pull    draw pull drag push heave lift haul    draw crawl creep linger on drag near be oncoming ongoing    she drove her car into the forest.    drive steer direct conduct handle manage run work operate ride don’t discourage her; she is doing her best. vs encourage    discourage prevent hinder disapprove keep from try to stop    the shoes are expensive but durable.    durable long-lasting enduring permanent endless solid strong    it is your duty to go.duty work job chore assignment charge function obligation responsibility office role    business job vocation occupation task assignment position labor industry employment effort    he is living an easy life now. comfortable    it is an economy to buy good shoes: they cost more, but they last much longer than cheap ones.    economic economical economy    he went to a very good elementary school.    elementary fundamental basic primary essential simple beginning introductory initial primitive    since 1975 the forty hour work week has been in effect.    the acid has no effect on the metal.    the new regulation does not go into effect until the first of march.    a sentence of ten years’ imprisonment on a person of eighty is in effect a life sentence. he is not likely to give effect to his threat.    effect force power practice    she encouraged him to take this examination.    encourage support back up urge promote sponsor cheer inspire    end some plays are so successful that they run for years on end.    i must warn you that my patience is almost at an end.    i’ve warned you no end of times not to touch that machine. 结束








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