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  1______all our kindness to help her, Sara refused to listen


  B. ln

  C. For

  D. On

  2. ______before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

  A. Had they arrived

  B. Would they arrive

  C. Were they arriving

  D. Were they to arrive

  3.______conflict among city-states caused the eventual decline of Greek civilization

  A. Continuous

  B. Continual

  C. Constant

  D. Contrary.

  4. ______he’s already heard the news.

  A. Chances are

  B. Chance is

  C. Opportunities are

  D. Opportunity is

  5. ______his knowledge and academic background, he is basically stupi


  A. But for

  B. According to

  C. For all

  D. Thanks to

  6. ______man can now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce their radioactivity.

  A. As

  B. Whether

  C. While

  D. Now that

  7. ______of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and drifted to the South. A. To be free

  B. To free

  C. Freeing

  D. Freed

  8. ______should any money be given to a small child

  A. On no account

  B. From all account

  C. Of no account

  D. By all account

  9.______the advances of the science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.

  A. As for

  B. Despite

  C. Except

  D. Besides

  10.______the claim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relatively small the German economy actually is.

  A. To give

  B. Given

  C. Giving

  D. Having given

  11. ______the sight of the police officers, the men ran off.

  A. In

  B. At

  C. On

  D. With

  12. ______the wall, we decided that we should need three tins of paint.

  `A. Making up

  B. Doing up

  C. Putting up

  D. Sizing up

  13. ______ the whole, early American city planning was excellent

  A. In

  B. From

  C. On

  D. Above

  14. ______we are having these days!

  A. What a lovely weather

  B. What lovely weathers

  C. What lovely weather

  D. What lovely a weather

  15. ______a man who expresses himself effectively is sure to succeed more rapidly than a man whose command of language is poor.

  A. Other things being equal

  B. Were other things equal

  C. To be equal to other things

  D. Other things to be equal

  16. ______ he does not love her

  A. As he likes her very much

  B. Though much he likes her

  C. Much although he likes her

  D. Much though he likes her

  17. A drunk man walked in, ______ in appearance.

  A. repulsive

  B. reluctant

  C. reproachful

  D. reputed

  18. A good many houses __ knocked down by the earthquake.

  A. was

  B. were

  C. is

  D. are

  19. A good teacher must know how to __ his ideas.

  A. convey

  B. display

  C. consult

  D. confront

  20. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is conditions or events.

  A. in response to

  B. in favor of

  C. in contrast to

  D. in excess of

  21. A love marriage, however, does not necessarily much sharing of interests and responsibilities.

  A. take over

  B. result in

  C. hold on

  D. keep to

  22. A man has to make

  for his old age by putting aside enough money to live on when old

  A. supply

  B. assurance

  C. provision

  D. adjustment

  23. A river ______through the narrow wooded valley below

  A. extends

  B. pours

  C. expands

  D. twists

  24. A writer has to ______ imagination as well as his experiences for his writing A. drawing back from

  B. draw in

  C. draw up

  D. draw on

  25. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the

  A. fulfillment

  B. achievement

  C. establishment

  D. accomplishment of maturity

  26. After a concert tour in Asia, Canada and the U.S., he will ______ work on a five-languageopera.Z

  A. confine

  B. indulge

  C. resume

  D. undergo

  27. After briefly ______ the history of the author, Prof. Li turned to the novel itself immediately

  A. dipping in

  B. dipping at

  C. dipping into

  D. dipping to

  28. After negotiation, the two countries ______ the terms of peace.

  A. agreed with

  B. agreed in

  C. agreed to

  D. agreed on

  29. After performing a successful operation, the doctor at last pulled the patient

  A. back

  B. in

  C. up

  D. through

  30. After reading these books, he was ______to the Darwinian theory of evolution

  A. changed

  B. converted

  C. transferred

  D. adjusted